Wednesday, July 10, 2013

   Breaking through difficult times is one of the challenges facing immigrant to the US. The first 10 year goes a long way defining the rest of the years. Some have argued that your host family or friends on your arrival play a major role in your success in crafting a better future in the US.
   The US government and its economy is structured in such a way that whatever level you fall in the starter of the society you will be playing a meaningful role to the health of the system. It is then up to you to seek a deal that is mutually beneficial to you and the country. Achieving a mutually beneficial position in this country can be very challenging especially to Africans.
   Some of us have faced discriminatory job environment that made the search for cooperate opportunities unpleasant to the point that many who are qualified have decide not to apply for certain positions or give up after many denials and rejections. Yet it is worth noting that some brave Africans have succeeded where many failed. There have been noticeable upthick in the number of Africans getting cooperate positions as well as the number of African seeking such positions.
  Perhaps this good signs are attributable to the election of the first black President.
 What other story can you share to support this?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Below is an email dialogue I had with a flight agent from ITN. Judge for yourself if their action is discriminatory or not. Mind you there are criminals from all nationals and from all races. I just don't understand what is different about Nigerian Criminals that make all Nigerians suspect.

Dear Chiedozie,

For past few years we had over 500 fraud cases for flights originated from Nigeria. Due to this issue we ware forced not to accept Credit card payment for such flights. 
There is nothing to do with discrimination Sir. We are trying to protect our customers from any type of fraud and this is only reason why Credit card payment is not acceptable for such flights. 
As an alternative form of payment we can accept PayPal payment but in this case price for the ticket would be 4% more expensive as company would cover PayPal expenses. 

I do apologize for any inconvenience cased but there are no exceptions and I have to follow our company rules. 

If you have any objections please write an e-mail to and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly.  

Thanks and have a great day

Kind Regards,

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 12:40 PM, Chi <> wrote:
Hello Susan,

I thank you for your help so far getting me some flight options. However, I am still concerned about your company's discriminatory policy towards Africans.  If your company can accept payment through credit/debit card from US resident's then you should be able to accept those payments from any US resident irrespective of where they are traveling from. Singling out some African countries as places where you will not accept such payments if flight are originating from there is discriminatory and unfair. I will have to have some more concrete reason to accept that policy and deal with your company.
Therefore,  I have decided not to proceed with doing business with you until such a time I get some answers why this policy is in place.


Chiedozie Bob Eboh

Manager TelWeb Communications LLC
10230 Billings Pointe
Alpharetta GA 30022

Tel: 2404225060 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Voting Rights Act Supreme Court Case: Scalia Condemns The 'Perpetuation Of Racial Entitlement' (UPDATE)

If the Supreme Court strikes down the voting right act based on States right what then will it do when individual right to vote is threatened, demand the individual bring a case to it?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fiscal Cliff? Benghazi?

It is chillingly cold to observe two top republican senators this morning in their news conference discussing not the so called fiscal cliff but aimless digging to find a possible scandal over the Libyan attack. Can they really continue to dig around for what to discredit the President about rather than moving the country forward? The President is not running for re-election and he can keep in place what he has already accomplished and still be successful and respected by most Americans, even as more people will blame the republicans for whatever goes wrong for their non cooperation with the Dems.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Tea Party Lost the Debate

A lot has been said about the re-election of President Barack Obama as the evidence of the changing demography of the American electorate but I will argue that his re-election is a verdict on the agenda of the "Tea Party" and the inability of the Republican party to logically defend that agenda in the debates. Yes, it was roundly agreed that Mitt Romney won the first debate but he did not win that debate by presenting a logical reasoning behind his already established campaign positions rather he won the debate by denying his previous positions while making his opponent look awkward by even mentioning those positions in the debate.
It only took the President some reflection and study of Mr Romney's previous statements and policy positions to nail him in the subsequent debates to the point of non denial. Mr Romney became so uncomfortable in the third debate that he even expressed frustration that the President was attacking him in his positions, thereby looking very little in front of a determined Obama who was non relenting in his effort to "sink Romney's war ship!"

Thursday, November 8, 2012